How to set up my Thunderbird email options?

Using Thunderbird is an excellent way to manage your email account. Thunderbird is an open-source email application designed by Mozilla Corporation and is considered one of the major email services along with MS outlook.

With Thunderbird, email users can send and receive emails in one folder. There are many add-one services available for Thunderbird to extend its functionality. If you are new to Thunderbird, you must know that Thunderbird can be accessed at different operating systems and their different versions. You will have to set up a Thunderbird email account on the operating system to start sending and receiving messages.

Please note different Thunderbird version has different email setup methods. Below are the steps to set up Thunderbird for windows 10. You will find different methods for different versions including 91.0 – 102.0, 78.0, and 60.0.

Following are the steps to set up Thunderbird Version 91.0 – 102.0;

  • Go to the application finder and open the Thunderbird app
  • On the left side, please click on Local Folders (If you have not yet set up thunderbird email with other email accounts, you will not find Sidebar)
  • Click Email
  • A pop-up will appear. Please enter your name, email address, and password
  • Click on “Configure Manually
  • You will find Protocol field options, choose between POP or IMAP
  • On this page, fill in other fields including hostname, port, connection security, authentication method, and username.
  • Once the required information is entered, click ‘Done’
  • If the Done button grays out, then re-click the button to verify the information. If it makes it double-clickable, then double-check the information you entered.
  • Finally, click on Finish

If the above information is correct, your Thunderbird email address will be added to your Thunderbird email account.

Why choose Thunderbird email support number?

As we discussed the method to set up Thunderbird differs from one operating system to another, and you will likely face trouble setting up Thunderbird email on other operating systems.

Though the process to set up Thunderbird email is complex, many of you may not be able to finish the set-up procedure. Here you can get assistance from the tech support experts from Thunderbird email service. Our email support is accessible anytime for you. You can dial our email support number whenever you face any issues with Thunderbird. Other issues with Thunderbird can include being unable to send and receive messages, server errors, unable to configure emails, etc.

How to set up my Thunderbird email options?
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