How To Set Up A New Email Account With Mozilla Thunderbird?

Email services are an integral part of many businesses nowadays. They are very important for the internal communication and exchange of data. Though there are dozens of email services available services for users, Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the best and most preferred email services by businesses.

About Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free and open-source email platform developed by the Mozilla foundation. Besides an email platform, it is a cross-platform email client, new client, personal information manager, RSS, and chat client. If you own a business and want to get started with Mozilla Thunderbird on your system, then you will have to setup a new account with Mozilla Thunderbird by following certain steps.

Before you get started, you will require an email address and password that you can remember. Then it comes to setting up an email account with Mozilla Thunderbird.

Following are the steps to set up Mozilla Thunderbird;

  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Now click “Create a new account” from the main screen.
  • You will see a new menu pop up with the title Mail Account Setup. Here you will be prompted to enter a Display name, email address, and password. (These details will be used for the domain address you suppose to use with Mozilla Thunderbird).
  • When the details are entered successfully, click “Continue.”
  • Lastly, click “Done,” and your Thunderbird mailbox will finish setting up.

While setting up the Mozilla Thunderbird email, you may end up disappointed with failed email setting-up procedure. Meanwhile, you can repeat the whole procedure once again. Ensure you step-by-step follow the procedure. Don’t skip any step; if still, you fail to set up your email account with Thunderbird, then you can dial Mozilla Thunderbird email support number.

Why dial at Email Support number?

Here at Mozilla Thunderbird Email Support, we have set up a broad team of technical experts who have vast experience in handling a range of technical issues with Mozilla Thunderbird email, including how to step up your account with Mozilla Thunderbird. Technical experts are accessible round the clock to assist users in setup their account with Mozilla Thunderbird.

The final take

Our team is highly trained and experienced in addressing a range of issues with Mozilla Thunderbird. Because they have served thousands of email users so far, they can successfully address all issues by providing the right solution. Hence, when you have any issue with Thunderbird email, then you can dial our expert anytime. You can also get solutions via email. Our experts will respond through email to you.

How To Set Up A New Email Account With Mozilla Thunderbird?
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