How Can I Setup Email In Thunderbird?

Using a Mozilla Thunderbird email service is one of the best ways to exchange messages for official use. Thunderbird is an open-source desktop email application where users can access all emails in their incoming folders rather than going to the inbox of each Email. If you are new to Mozilla Thunderbird email, then below are the steps you can follow to setup the email service. There are two ways to setup the Email in Thunderbird- automatic and manual.

Before you start to setup your account, you must have below handy things.

  • Your domain name:
  • Your email address:

 Following are the steps to setup automatically;

  • Start by opening Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Once you open your email service after installation, Set Up your Existing Email Address page pops up
  • Enter your name, email address, and password. Then press “Continue.”
  • Thunderbird will automatically fill up the email provider’s incoming and outgoing server details. Then it will show you the option to choose POP or IMAP. After picking one, press the “Done” button.
  • The next page will appear once you have successfully setup an email account on Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • On this same page, click “Finish” to view your mailbox.
  • To add a new account, click on your email address and click Email in the Set up another Account Section.

Below are the steps to setup email in Thunderbird manually

  • Access Thunderbird
  • Enter your mail login details
  • Choose to set up the mail account manually.
  • Finally, input the incoming and outgoing server settings.

Fail to setup your account! Contact Mozilla Thunderbird Support

Thunderbird helps its users to keep their inboxes organized, allowing its users to customize this platform to suit their specific needs. By default, this email service will automatically setup your email configuration. The users only need to provide an email address, name, and password. However, if you use a custom email address, you will have to set up the mail account manually.

For new users, it might be very confusing to setup the Email in Thunderbird email. This is where Mozilla Thunderbird Technical Support helps users. We have introduced a toll-free number where the users can get assistance to setup the Email in Thunderbird. Our technical experts will explain the whole set procedure step by step gradually, so you can easily step the Email in Thunderbird. They will explain both automatic and manual procedures to setup email in Thunderbird. Hence, stay in touch with our email service.

How Can I Setup Email In Thunderbird?
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