Five Common Thunderbird Email Problems with Simple Solutions

Mozilla Thunderbird is a reputed email service with millions of users. This desktop-based email service has plenty of features and can be accessed on different operating systems like Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms. Plus, the application is available in various languages, and you can pick any of the languages according to your local language. Below we have shared common issues with the Thunderbird email service.

Mozilla Thunderbird won’t open or starting

At times, the users report that their email application not opening on their system. There are many ways to fix it. For instance, you can use the email service in safe mode. Start Thunderbird in safe mode; below the steps to follow.

  • When the email service is not working, Press and Hold down the Shift key while in safe mode. However, when the email service is not running, click on Help menu, and select Restart with Add-ons Disabled.
  • Click “Restart

Cannot delete the messages

  • First, open your Profile folder
  • Close Thunderbird.
  • Open the Mail folder in your file
  • Open the folder with your incoming mail server name
  • Select the Trash and Trash.msf files and remove them.
  • Restart Thunderbird.

Cannot send messages

  • Verify your SMTP outgoing email settings
  • Verify the correct SMTP Server is being used
  • Verify that your outgoing email is not being blocked
  • Verify that your mail server supports the minimum version of TLS
  • Delete SMTP Password
  • Reset SMTP Password

Mozilla Crashes

When the email service crashes, the Morzilla Crash Reporter window appears where you can enter additional information, click on Restart or Quit to submit the report. To resolve this issue, you need to send all crashes with your email address, so your developers can reach you out.

Thunderbird warns that the Server doesn’t Use encryption

While configuring your email account in Thunderbird email, you get warning messages if your Server does not use encryption.

  • Step 1– Verify your support supports encryption. If it does, change Thunderbird settings by pressing the Change Setting button and executing the correct settings.
  • Step 2– If the mail server does not support encryption, click on “I understand the risk, and click on Create Account button.

The final take Mozilla Technical Support number is introduced by a leading independent technical support service. In case the above solution does not help to fix this common issue, you can anytime share it with the technical experts available at this number. Keep this number with you all time, so the issue can be resolved quickly.

Five Common Thunderbird Email Problems with Simple Solutions
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